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Customer Story: Clifton Coffee | Connect and Collaborate

Clifton Coffee Roasters (CCR) was the first specialty coffee roaster to adopt the Teamwork solutions from Microsoft platform, which means they're breaking new ground in communications methods for their industry. As the company expands, they depend on Teamwork solutions from Microsoft to manage their growth, drive innovation, and help their employees connect in the most meaningful and productive ways possible. Want to increase productivity and drive innovation in your business? Check out this video to see how CCR lead the way in communications innovation in their industry, and then contact us to learn more.

Introducing Microsoft Surface Book 3

Introducing Microsoft Surface Book 3

There are key benefits of shifting to a modern desktop: increased productivity, built-in defenses, and inspiration and investment for your employees.  And when Microsoft 365 is used on a Surface device, watch out. ROI increases to 112% on average. Additionally, employees realized five hours per week in productivity gains. Surface and M365 go hand-in-hand! We'd like to introduce you to the most powerful Surface laptop yet. Surface Book 3 combines speed  and  graphics  with the versatility of a laptop, tablet, and portable studio. Check it out!

Crash course in Office 365: How it can help you grow your business

Crash course in Office 365: How it can help you grow your business.

How could your customers benefit from an upgraded #security and #productivity solution? With Microsoft 365 Business, your customers can access a secure, comprehensive teamwork solution on any device, from virtually anywhere in the world. With tools and services designed to help customers work better together, your customers can protect sensitive data and grow business. Contact us at Appbler for more information.

Create a connected guest experience with Microsoft technology

Create a connected guest experience with Microsoft technology.

Employees who work with outside companies save time and money. With Teamwork solutions from Microsoft, they can easily share workspace, which results in $759,493 saved over three years. That's huge! Now, you can deliver a cost-effective solution that will allow you to easily work with teams outside of your company. And, you can secure and preserve company data when sharing information with external users. Check out this infographic--which shows industry trends, pain points, and proof points--to learn more.


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